ATTENTION Highly Skilled Expert Who Is Not Charging What You're Really Worth...

Get High-Ticket Clients, Double Your Sales & Create Your High-Converting Strategy Session In Less Than 72 Hours

Easily Get People To Consistently Buy From You Without Being Manipulative, Sales-y Or Pushy

After Attending This Highly Experiential Workshop, You Will Be Able To:

  • Double or even Quadruple Your Clients Within 2 Months
  • Raise Your Prices by 20%-500%
  • Change More Lives and Impact Millions
  • Raise your sign-up rate by 50%-300%
  • Improve Your Client Retention Rate
  • Get More Referrals
  • Get More Committed Clients and "Fire" the Ones Who Aren't

Stop Being A Struggling Hustler And Start Getting Predictable Results

Maybe you decided to start Your Own Business because you wanted to help others, empower, inspire, impact millions and change the world...and maybe achieve your ideal lifestyle, have freedom, be able to travel and spend time with your family...but the reality is, without a continuous stream of paying clients, your life will not look like anything like that and your business will suffer. If you ignore the problem and keep going without a Proven System to consistently sign new clients you'll realize it when it's too late and eventually burn out, quit and go back to a 9-5 job just to pay the bills. Please don't be the next and take action now that you can!

Stop Doing What You Have Done So Far And Avoid The Most Common Issues:

  • Having to Worry About Paying the Bills
  • Constant Uncertainty on Your Income and Your Future
  • Having No Clue How to Make People Buy
  • Identity Crisis and Impostor Syndrome for Calling Yourself an Expert But Without Paying Clients
  • Not Knowing Who You Serve and How You Help Them
  • Lack of Interpersonal or Communication Skills
  • Overwhelm and Anxiety about Managing Your Business
  • Low Productivity or Drops in Motivation
  • Internal Conflicts That Prevent You From Being Who You Want To Be
  • Lack of Focus or a Clear Marketing Message
  • No Idea What to Do Next
  • Questioning Yourself And Thinking To Quit

Learn From Someone Else's Mistakes And Fast Track Your Business Success

By learning from someone else's experience you will grow your business faster and consistently, avoiding unnecessary risks or making the same mistakes over and over again. Wouldn't you like to have a proven system that brings you clients predictably, so that can focus on what you love the most? Get back your time, make more money, have the freedom to live the life YOU want!

That's How Your Life Could (And Should) Look Like:

  • Having Enough Money to Do What You Want, When You Want and With Whom You Want
  • Income Certainty and Lifelong Security
  • Having a Reliable System to Make People Choose You
  • Being Proud of Being an Expert Who's Changing Lives
  • Knowing Exactly Who You Serve and How You Help Them
  • Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Business Easily Taken Care Of
  • High Motivation, Feeling Inspired and Being Productive
  • Complete Alignment Withing Yourself and the People You Interact With
  • Laser Focus and Crystal-Clear Marketing Message
  • A Clear Proven Path to Follow Step by Step
  • Growing Your Business and Achieving Your Ideal Lifestyle


Get Ready To Finally Learn The 5 Pillars of Conversion


You Will Design Your High-Converting Strategy Session Through Our Signature Framework: The Consultative Sales Blueprint


You Will Achieve Complete Alignment Within Yourself, with Your Business and with Your Audience Through Our Signature Framework: The Iron-clad Congruence Builder


You Will Develop Advanced Communication Skills and an Effective Understanding of Human Psychology Through Our Model: The Decisional Trigger Activator


You Will Learn and Assimilate How to Instantly Connect With People and Build Deep Empathy Through Our Method: The Rock-Solid Relationship Fast Track


You Will Be Able To Overcome Any Buying Resistance Through Our Proprietary System: The Objection Smashing Meta-Model


You Too Can Achieve The Results Our Graduates Have

What we learned today was amazing! We discovered new strategies to increase your sales, I strongly recommend you to attend this workshop

- Harry Sardinas, Founder of Speakers Are Leaders

It was fantastic. It’s very informative and I’ve learned so much. Before I came across Daniel I had difficulties trying to get my clients on board, trying to inspire them, trying to build a deeper connection with them but Daniel has helped me realize that there are different ways of approaching this. As a result I now have the tools to bring on more people to my business. I’m very grateful. If you’re thinking of attending, please do because you’ll learn so much.

- Sajan Patel, Smart Art UK

This workshop has helped me tremendously. Before I used to really struggle with the sales process, but having attended this workshop I have much more clarity and feel much more confident about going out there and getting more clients and getting more business

- Stephen Lynch, Public Speaking Coach

It was incredibly in-depth and informative. It helped me understand and know how to connect with the right clients going forward. I was initially struggling with what to do and how to do it but now I’m armed with the right tools and confident to approach the right people. I highly recommend this course for any coach or consultant.

- Kulwinder Kaur, Financial Consultant

Why You Should Spend 3 Full Days With Me

Daniel Aprea

Daniel Aprea is the Founder of Coachized, award-winning Speaker, Trainer, Coach and London-based Entrepreneur. After being a struggling life coach, becoming homeless and sleeping on three chessboards in his chess club, he spent the last 10 years of his life in the coaching and sales industry where he turned it around and developed his signature system which allowed him to sell multiple 7 figures without having to be manipulative or sales-y. He now focuses on helping coaches and heart-centered entrepreneurs get more clients and make an impact.

Daniel Aprea, Coachized

Some of Daniel's sales achievement:

7 figures in the mobile industry

7 figures in the health and beauty industry

6 figures in the crypto-currency industry

Serial top performer and reward trip winner in multiple MLM companies

Top Personal Sales for one of the world's largest Self-Development Companies

Some of Daniel's titles and certifications:

NLP Master Practitioner, Coach and Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert (ACPNL)


Advanced Sales Expert (ISMM)

M.Sc wtih Honors in Engineering Management

Registered PRINCE2 Practitioner (BCS)


Learn From Someone Who Has Learned From The Best


Join Us For A Full 3-Day Transformational Experience

Your Business Will Never Be The Same And With It Your Life...

The workshop will take place in London, at The Collective Old Oak, Old Oak Lane, NW106FF

Friday to Sunday:

9:30am Registrations and Networking

10am Sharp Start

1-hour Lunch Break

6pm Finish

On Friday the 1st drink is on the house!

Boardroom style intimate workshop, ideal to work together on your business


What If You Could Keep Signing New Clients On Auto-Pilot?

The value of this workshop is easily over £10k+, because having a proven system that brings you client after client will immediately add at least that amount of money to your business (not to mention how every aspect of your life will change as a result which is priceless!). Think for a moment, what is the cost of not having a reliable system to predictably and consistently get clients? How much money are you leaving on the table when you sit down with the right prospect and they don't buy because you don't know the process?

You could easily be making twice, four times or even ten times your revenue simply by converting the prospects that are currently walking away from you without buying or even having your clients happy to pay the right price instead of undercharging. Not to mention the long-term value of having happy clients who are highly committed and make your best success stories that in turn will attract more business, referrals, brand recognition.

However, if all this workshop did was to enable you to get just a couple more clients a month, or raise your prices by as little as 20%, wouldn't it be worth to you? Do you realize how much money will you generate as a result?

Still, I want to make this a no-brainer, because I really want to help people that are starting out or still have some fear of not being good enough, because let's face it, if you're currently struggling, that's completely understandable, and that's why I'm here for you.

So I have decided to virtually "give away" this workshop for...

£2997 (OR 3 x £999)


Maybe you're only starting out or you're really "stuck"

If you are extremely committed to your success and you promise to leave your video testimonial and a subsequent case study as soon as you make your first £10,000, I will do something very special for you.

I'm going to Sponsor You and take a further 66.7% off!

That means that Your total price is:

Only £997

All you need to do is complete a short application form and have a quick chat with me (YES, with ME personally, I want to get to know YOU and your gift that you want to share with the world!)

Applications are closing soon! So click on the button below and let's have a quick chat!